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Eat to Live is a nutritional program developed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD, and described in detail in his book of the same name.  The 6-Week program is similar to the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Plan in that foods containing refined flours (breads, etc.) are eliminated.  Basically, the idea of Eat to Live is to eat foods that have a very high nutrition to calorie ratio and avoid foods that don't provide much nutrition for the calories they contain.  Fruits and  vegetables pack the most nutrition, so the diet is based on them.  The goal is to try to eat at least 1 pound daily of raw vegetables; 1 pound of cooked, non-starchy vegetables; 4 servings of fruit; and 1 cup of beans.  Those foods are unlimited.  The plan limits other foods: 1 cup maximum of starchy vegetables or whole grains, 1 ounce of raw nuts and seeds, and 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds.  All animal products and refined oils are off limits, and refined grain products, such as bread, are not encouraged.  After the initial 6-Week program, very limited amounts of less-healthy food may be added in (for those who absolutely cannot give them up.)  For a graphic representation, see the Nutrient Density Chart.

Below are some Eat to Live resources available on the internet.  The most important resource is, however, Dr. Fuhrman's book.  Before beginning his program, you should read the book.

Dr. Fuhrman Online: Dr. Fuhrman's Official Website
The Fatfree Recipes section of this website
YahooGroups Eat-2-Live email list
The VegSource Eat to Live Discussion Board
A detailed description of the book

People looking for more recipes may find many that are suitable for ETL by searching for McDougall plan recipes.  The following websites contain recipes that may or may not be suitable for this plan:

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